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The other game where you need to predict the correct scores is the game called CS Pick 6 (the big jackpot here is 200 000 000 UGX). As the game name suggest here you have 6 matches to predict. 1X2 Pick 15 is the third jackpot game.
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Pick 6. Pick 6 isn’t as easy as Pick 15/13 yes you need to make 6 correct predictions but this time we are looking for the exact scores and not the outcome. The jackpot for Pick 6 is that much higher because it is that much harder but, we do offer consolation prizes to those that correctly predict 3, …
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Betway Kenya use Colossus and so have quite a few weekly Jackpots, however they are most well known for their 13 match weekly jackpot, this is the Betway Jackpot Prediction we make each week. is one of the industry leaders in the world of online sports betting in Kenya and offer a range of bet-markets and an extremely sizeable
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1 Each Pick-6 play costs $1.00 each.; 2 Pick six(6) numbers between 1-49.; 3 If youd rather have the Lottery computer randomly select your numbers for you, ask your Retailer for a "Quick Pick." Or if youre using a play slip, mark the Quick Pick circle. 4 Select how you want to be paid if you win - either Cash Option (the value of the advertised estimated jackpot amount in a lump sum) or Annuity.
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Welcome to pesaodds home to the most accurate sportpesa mega jackpot predictions website in Kenya. Pesaodds offers a great chance and opportunity to win big amounts of jackpot full amounts and bonuses in a go. We also have free MUST WIN SURE ODDS here Must win free tips. Here are free Betway jackpot free prediction (pick 13) available.
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Betway JackpotPick 15 – Pick 6 – The Collosus. It is totally clear what the most popular way to earn money from sport betting is. This is the method where the bookmaker defines the odds for different markets and for different final outcomes in a certain sport event while the punter selects one from these events and
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Pick 4, Pick 6 and Colossus (Correct Score) Our Pick 4, Pick 6 and Colossus Jackpot require you to correctly predict the correct score for all 4 and 6 fixtures respectively and you could walk away with millions in your pocket. Similarly to our other Jackpots, we have consolation prizes to make sure you walk away a winner. Win up to K25,000,000
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CS Pick 6. This is a very similar to the previous one game. The only two differences here are the following: The events you need to predict correctly are 6 instead of 7; The big jackpot is 2 000 000 GHS and the compensation fund varies from 1 000 GHS for the punters with 3 successful predictions and 4 000 GHS for those, who predict 5 events
Betway Ghana Jackpot Prediction - Jackpot Predictions Ghana betway jackpot pick 6 offers a range of bet-markets, promotions, casino, virtual play and various game-play but importantly provides online punters with a decent jackpot option.. The site offers a range of jackpot options including a mega-one called the Colossus, with punters standing a chance to win 10 million GHS.